Tuesday, February 25, 2014


I have a somewhat annoying friend who wants me to travel with her on the fourth of july weekend. That's a long time from now. I'm not even in the summer mindset yet. I'm tired. So all I can think to do that weekend is maybe lying on a beach somewhere with a book in one hand and drink in another.  She wants to "explore."  But then, do I really need to spend a heap of money and travel far distances to do lie on a beach with a book and a drink? Not really. I live in fucking California, 30 minutes from the coast. I can do that for a half a tank of gas, honestly. Yes, it'd be nice to see Jamaica, or Martha's Vineyard, or travel to some other far off place, but my garage door needs fixing, my toilet is leaking, and I just got a partial tuition bill for $3400 and some odd change, on top of a handful of other things on my plate. So I'm really not in the mood to think about travel. I'm exhausted. My new job is making me earn my paycheck (although I still love it more than any other job I've ever had), and my accelerated course schedule at school is sort of wearing on my patience. I'm old. And did I mention that I'm tired? I need to rest my brain every now and then.  Oh, and to top it off I've been sort of marathon dating like a damn fool. Only because the guy I've been seeing can't give me all that I need (I wont go into detail, but yeah) and I need to find someone who can before I get hurt.  On Sunday I had two dates and on Saturday I spent the whole day with the guy I've been seeing. I got home and my house needed cleaning but I had no energy or time because I had to turn in another paper before midnight. I'm doing too, much, right? Right. So this trip that my shrill-voiced homegirl wants me to go on is the last thing that I want to think about right now. I'd honestly rather not think anymore at all. I've been doing too much of it. Thinking about my part time boo, my dates, my education, and my new job, which I love, has been more than enough.  I'm tired! I simply desire to veg out somewhere whenever I have time to spare. Not argue with this annoying woman over where to spend the fourth of fucking july. Smh. And to top it off I think someone stole my new ipod. Ugh! And the African guy I went on two cheap dates with tried to kiss me. Yuck!! I'm just disgusted and annoyed. And I don't know what to do about it.

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